Drive down fuel costs, create smarter drivers and put cash in your pocket with DriveLogik

By Dean Richardson DriveLogik, a sister division to RiskLogik, is launching a new product today that offers truck and other large vehicle fleets a driver-focused fix that brings significant relief from high fuel costs with a 6%-10% reduction in fuel consumption, plus maintenance savings, increased vehicle longevity and a lower carbon footprint.

Fleet managers can estimate fuel savings with our online calculator at A long haul truck using DriveLogik and driving 180,000 kms/112,000 miles per year can save an average of $5,500 dollars a year. Expand that across a fleet of 50 trucks, and the savings are a dramatic $275,000 per year of cash-in-pocket results.

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Now available in North America, DriveLogik combines hardware with a proven track record on more than 250,000 fleet vehicles in Europe, and TrackLogik software from RiskLogik. The dash-mounted DriveLogik Driver Assistance Panel (DAP) coaches each driver in real time, encouraging improved driving techniques. It gives each driver visual and audible notifications on critical performance indicators without being intrusive. Data analysis and reporting encourages drivers and fleet managers to work together on perfecting driving styles.

DriveLogik provides meaningful and actionable insights and statistics for the benefit of the business as a whole.

Substantial savings on fuel are of course extremely important, but DriveLogik also creates fleet-wide awareness of optimal driving habits  – a “cascade of consequences” from using the product that also leads to longer-lasting trucks. DriveLogik is about a bigger fleet management success story, and as former fleet manager, that's what I find so exciting.

While the U.S. pressures the North American trucking industry with stricter fuel efficiency standards, DriveLogik offers fleets an immediate solution.


DriveLogik is a $1999 hardware package and $59-per-month for the software reporting service that includes driver performance reports to help identify who needs more coaching, who deserves recognition, and customized instant alerts via mobile devices to identify major driving events.

DriveLogik hardware benefits include:

  • Easy to use, requires no maintenance
  • Provides instant feedback through Driver Awareness Panel (DAP)
  • Promotes smarter driving, saves fuel, reduces CO2
  • Reduces truck maintenance costs, increases vehicle longevity
  • Works with all major truck brands
  • Productivity and efficiency for your entire fleet

TrackLogik software benefits include:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly summary reporting customized by   driver, by truck, by entire fleet, and more
  • Customized instant alerts via mobile device for major driving event
  • Driver performance reports identify who needs more coaching, and who deserves recognition
  • Annual scorecard reports identify trends and productivity achievements
  • Vehicle tracking to pinpoint any lost or stolen vehicles
  • A wide range of additional fleet tracking and management services

DriveLogik is a business division of Deep Logic Solutions Inc. It is also a sister business division to RiskLogik, which delivers a suite of Enterprise Resilience Software and services to governments and industries, including the transportation sector. On the Web, please go to

Dean Richardson is Director of Fleet Applications at DriveLogik. Contact him at  +1 (613) 688-5078 ext. 511 or