Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat offer users the ability to share information and option with a wide array of users. These individual data sources, or "social intelligence" (SOCINT) provide law enforcement, public affairs, and other public or corporate departments with incredible amounts of data and information to consume.

SociaLogik provides analytics and metrics of ever-growing use of social media interactions to leverage those interactions for greater understanding and modeling of online individual behaviours. The SociaLogik platform consumes large amounts of keyword and individual data to determine larger interactions, specific sentiment, and overall behavioural analytics from over 16 different sources of social media that can be interpreted and expanded to understand focused issues or movements that are core to organizational resilience.


Scientific models at its core

Built with the scientific models at its core, SociaLogik provides a high integrity model for the collection, presentation, and visualization of its source information. This allows researchers the ability to rapidly map and evaluate detailed information to answer specific questions. Using cloud-based technologies and advanced machine learning algorithms, SociaLogik works within the RiskLogik managed services resilience model to provide advanced Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Sentiment Analysis (SA).

Key features

Key macro-level SociaLogik features include: 

  • Influence Discovery
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Global Impression
  • Community Detection
  • Topic Modeling

Key micro-level SociaLogik features include: 

  • Circle of Influence
  • Geo-location
  • Chain of Trust
  • Social Media Analysis

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