Increasingly, risks to your operational resilience emerge from the physical environment. Climate change, industrial accident, and malicious acts all originate in the spatial domain. GeoLogik portrays your risks and their consequences spatially so they can be easily visualized and understood. Fully integrated with RiskLogik, GeoLogik represents your risks and consequences in a simple to use 2D GIS interface, optimized for spatial risk analysis. GeoLogik also provides all the tools required for resilience planning and spatial analysis. It can import, manipulate and export GIS data in any format and from any source, integrating it into a single spatial decision support platform linked directly to your risk management toolset or CAD data inputs.

3D site modeling

Working from “as Built” plans, digital imagery and remote sensing inputs, the SiteLogik team assembles a 3D Control Model that is linked directly to the RiskLogik Dynamic Risk Control Framework. The result is a 3D model of your site showing all critical operations and assets with their inherent risks. This model becomes the Resilience Base Model for all hazard analysis, options analysis and resilience response testing.

(Click the image above to see more 3-D GeoLogik examples.)

Hazard mapping

Using GeoLogik you can create hazard scenario maps that depict the evolution of any physical hazard, such as a flood or a gas leak, over time and understand the effects on your organization. When the mapped hazards contact nodes in your operation GeoLogik identifies a “Pathway of exposure to risk” and RiskLogik calculates the risk to you.

Resilience planning

Risk mitigation measures must be de-risked at every level before being implemented. GeoLogik provides a single, integrated decision support platform for resilience planning that through scenario simulation. Aggregating geospatial data from any source and in any format, GeoLogik enables comprehensive geospatial analysis across spatial and thematic data layers so you can understand the potential effects of a resilience plan at the physical, societal, political, and economic levels. 

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