Cirilab develops and markets practical solutions that help people get the most out of the knowledge residing in their organization.

As technology evolves, the volume of available intelligence grows exponentially.  Current solutions to organize all this intelligence are already saturated and are leaving the end user to sort through vast amounts of data and information in order to sift out the pertinent knowledge.

The majority of available knowledge remains relatively untapped, providing an opportunity to dramatically increase productivity.  There is a need for dynamic context-aware products that help users to improve productivity by increasing the quality of knowledge they use, while delivering it to them quicker.  

Built using the latest methods of Cognitive Science, CIirilab’s technology distils knowledge from massive amounts of unstructured data the way people do, so everyday users can easily harvest its value. 

Cirilab’s flagship technology, KGE (Knowledge Generation Engine) boasts a Lego-like architecture that allows broad applicability across many sectors.  Cirilab's KGE Workstation includes automatic classification and intelligent search functionality, with more functionality ready to be leveraged in a timely fashion.