In mid-2016 Kaspersky Lab determined that 91.6% of the externally available Industrial Control System (ICS) devices it discovered used inherently insecure protocols like Telnet and SNMP. The lion's share of those devices, 116,900 in total, used HTTP, something that could allow cyber intruders to compromise the devices, potentially through a man-in-the-middle attack. Networking devices were the most popular type of ICS component Kaspersky found connected to the Internet, followed up by PLCs, or programmable logic controllers, and SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Systems. 

Fully integrated with RiskLogik

CyberLogik is a cyber risk identification and management platform fully integrated with RiskLogik that visualizes the real effects of a cyber intrusion on your operation so you know what to do about it. CyberLogik displays all cyber devices operating on your network against the Defence in Depth protocols and all relevant security compliance standards. CyberLogik also monitors your firewall performance and identifies gaps in coverage that intruders could exploit. Connected to RiskLogik, CyberLogik helps you visualize the consequences and costs of cyber compromise on operational capacity so you can make the right cyber resilience choices.

Cyber risk analysis

CyberLogik analyses all devices operating on your network in real time. It maps each device no matter what it is, against the Defence in Depth protocol and the cyber security standards applicable to your location and industry. Using the network configuration tool your network can quickly and easily be reconfigured for optimum cyber resilience

Cyber consequence analysis

Intelligent responses to cyber threat require a comprehensive understanding of consequence and cost. Cyber defence systems can be extremely costly and the deployment of the wrong solution may not produce the cyber resilience you need. Using RiskLogik, CyberLogik connects your cyber assets to your Dynamic Risk Control Framework so the consequences of cyber intrusion on your operations can be visualized and understood.

Firewall monitoring

Firewalls are not infallible. While configuring your network topology for cyber resilience will enhance their chances of fending off intruders, there will inevitably be gaps in the armour that intruders will try to exploit. CyberLogik exposes those gaps, discovers the cause and alerts you to the vulnerability so you can do something about it before someone exploits it.

Cyber defence management

CyberLogik is the cyber resilience-planning component of a full spectrum cyber defence management system. Using advanced AI and machine learning components, CyberLogik brings cutting edge technology to the cyber defence of your operations. Deployed at a level appropriate to your cyber resilience requirements and the potential consequences of cyber compromise to your operations, CyberLogik provides a scalable, affordable worlds class cyber defence solution.  

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