Understanding your risks and their potential consequences is the key to making effective resilience decisions. Delivered on a managed services basis, our integrated resilience analysis software helps you achieve that understanding with auditable precision.

  • RiskLogik identifies all your pathways of exposure to risk, their costs and their potential cascades of consequence.
  • GeoLogik helps you visualize your risks and how they will behave on easy to understand 2D electronic maps.
  • SiteLogik goes a step further, depicting risk behaviour in 3D for specific sites using constructive simulation.
  • CyberLogik maps all cyber entities in your networks against Defence In Depth protocols, providing a real time cyber risk profile that links the effect of cyber intrusions on your operations in real time.
  • SociaLogik provides analytics and metrics ever-growing use of social media to understand and leverage the interactions within each application for greater understanding and modelling of online individual behaviours. 

Contact us to engage RiskLogik software solutions within our managed resilience services model.