Resilience for complex operations like nuclear generating stations, chemical facilities, extractive industry sites, airports, high-rise buildings and medical facilities requires 3D analysis. SiteLogik is fully integrated (with RiskLogik) 3D resilience planning platform for complex operations and secure sites. Leveraging the most advanced constructive simulation and data visualization technology, SiteLogik provides compelling 3D spatial risk analysis with all the analytical features of RiskLogik and GeoLogik without the requirement for augmented computing power.  

SiteLogik 3-D constructive simulation video of nuclear plant employing Bridgeborn, Inc.'s Bridgeworks Platform. 

Scenario and options analysis

3D simulation provides compelling visualization for operational risk analysis. See how risks cascade across your operation and understand what to do about it. Understand the cost consequence of risk realistically. Examine your options and know the costs of each, all on the same platform.   

Security planning and integration

SiteLogik provides a full suite of security planning tools including camera positioning, intruder and blast simulations and lighting and sensor array integration. 3D walk-through capability facilitates emergency egress planning and access control visualization.

Physical security and resilience management

When it is time to implement the resilience ad security program there is no need to migrate to another physical security management platform. SiteLogik integrates all aspects of your site security and resilience management program from access control to surveillance systems, saving you time and money with the added advantage of remaining your dynamic risk management platform. With SiteLogik, all aspects of your resilience posture remain fully synchronized. 

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