Cyber/ITI resilience practice

Information technology systems exist to enable operational processes. Cyber defences are often arranged to protect Information Technology Infrastructures (ITI) with little regard to the operational impact of those defences or the actual consequence of cyber compromise.

Increasingly cyber resilience is critical to staying in business, either under direct cyber attack or as a result of physical compromise of the ITI. Using CyberLogik, RiskLogik analysts examine the cyber resilience posture of your operation against the defence in depth protocols to determine gaps that can be exploited by intruders. We also examine the physical arrangement of your ITI and its dependencies.

Mapping your cyber and informational controls to the physical processes that depend on them. What emerges is a cyber vulnerability picture that exposes potential effects of cyber compromise on business operations with cost consequences. This is used to plan cyber resilience interventions and determine their return on investment.  

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