Nick Martyn, Founder and CEO

Before founding RiskLogik, Nick held various command and staff appointments in both the Canadian and British Armies over 27 years of military service in Canada, UK, Germany, Former Republic of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. From 2008 to 2011, he served as CEO of the Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS) where he oversaw the transition of AIMS from the United Nations to independent NGO status and transformed the organization taking them from a negative cash position to a peak of USD $9M revenue in 24 months. During that period AIMS delivered a world class international aid effectiveness management system (ANDMIS) to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan while also modernizing the Land Management System and Mapping the Electrical Service in Kabul.

Charles Chamberlain, Principal and COO

With more than 30 years of national and international experience in Project and Program Management (14 as a certified PMP), risk discovery, analysis, and mitigation and training/coaching, Charles is a results-oriented leader who has consulted to at all levels of government and industry. Prior to joining Risklogik, Charles worked closely with Nick Martyn to provide program and project management expertise to the Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS). There, he developed project management and business management processes against the ISO 2000 model, and trained AIMS staff to pass the Project Management Institute’s PMP and CAPM certification exams. Between 1997 and 2004 Charles was Director of Corporate Delivery for Fujitsu Consulting, and in 2008/2009 he also served as a senior program/project management expert to the Canada Post Postal Transformation Project. Charles is an expert trainer in all nine knowledge areas of the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK®, and also in ISO 9000, CMMI, and OPM3.

Rory Kilburn, Vice President, Risk Systems

Prior to joining RiskLogik, Rory worked for five years as a leadership and strategic development consultant in both public sector and not-for-profit settings. Between 1972 and 2008 he served in the Canadian Armed Forces where he became a senior officer. He has diverse strategic, business and people process management skills. He acted as a trouble-shooter for Minister of Education in Afghanistan and strategic planner for Ministry of Education in South Sudan, working with senior executives to achieve strategic goals through program and project planning processes. He developed and conducted realistic scenario training exercises to prepare military officers and government officials for major national events including the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and 2010 G8/G20 Summits. Rory has achieved certification as Project Management Professional, Business Resilience Manager and Business Resilience Auditor. As a systems thinker, Rory understands that the synthesis of new ideas from different sources can result in new knowledge in his areas of expertise. He is bilingual in English and French.

Bill Brough, Vice President, Asset Management Solutions

Recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, Bill joined RiskLogik in 2013, contributing command experience in Jamaica, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Colorado Springs. His military experience includes responsibility for all individual and unit training and professional development programs for the Canadian Army. He was also Inspector General of the Army in charge of Readiness Management Systems for the Canadian Forces, and was Command Director in charge of crisis management at NORAD’s nuclear-bomb-proof Cheyenne Mountain command center in Colorado Springs, which reacts to any air or space-based threat to North America. Bill also provided domestic civil support as Command Director at US Northern Command, where he supervised military response to the two major disasters to strike the United States during 2008 – Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. This response included medical evacuation, air, naval shipping and army units deployed to Louisiana and Texas. Bill’s background as an Armour Officer is also put to good use for RiskLogik clients where he applies systems thinking to ascertain second and third order decision effects caused by disruptive events.

  Anne Pierre Girardin, Geospatial Information Specialist

Soon after finishing her studies in the late 90s, Anne worked for a major telecom company in Europe as a geo-marketing consultant, then for a car navigation company in California as a Database Quality Project Manager before she decided to take off on a trans-continental solo motorcycle odyssey from the tip of Alaska to the tip of Argentina. After that trip, and despite a successful one-year trial measuring the sewers of Paris with advanced survey equipment, she experienced adventure withdrawal symptoms, and seized an opportunity to participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan as a project manager and technical expert. The objective was to rehabilitate Kabul with street addresses, establish secure property rights in informal settlements and modernize the administration's information management systems. This three-year experience led Anne to engage with several land reform programs and agri-business projects in Haiti, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Uganda, Cambodia and Mongolia. Anne has the ability to set goals, evolve them as circumstances change, communicate effectively and work with people globally.