Business resilience practice

The first rule of business is to “stay in business.” A seemingly simple statement, it becomes exceedingly difficult to accomplish in the aftermath of a disaster if it was not anticipated.

70% of businesses affected by major disasters never recover because they either didn’t plan or they just didn’t think it could happen to them. Staying in business means understanding what parts of your business operations are critical and must be “fail safe”, and which parts can be made “safe to fail” so that they can be recovered quickly.

RiskLogik business resilience examines all aspects of your operations to determine what risks there are to business resilience. We determine what the costs of those risks are, what you can do about it, and what the return on your resilience investments will be.

More than just a report and recommendations, the interactive models we generate remain with you as live risk and resilience assessment environments that you can use to continually advance your resilience as you business grows and changes.   

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