RiskLogik practice areas

Our global economies and the civil societies they support depend on functioning critical infrastructure such as power grids, computer systems, supply chains, water supplies and healthcare. These critical infrastructure components are a closely connected and interdependent network of nodes, all supplying service to one another and ultimately to the communities, businesses and governance structures that they serve.

When one or more nodes are disrupted for any reason (disaster, cyber attack, human error) and they stop supplying that service, the effect ripples through the critical infrastructure “system of systems,” sometimes with catastrophic effects.

RiskLogik software and services provide critical infrastructure resilience analysis to clients striving to minimize the economic and social effects of critical infrastructure failure. Our interactive resilience models sit at the heart of a growing list of public and private sector organizations that seek to anticipate, plan for, survive and recover from disruptive events.  RiskLogik has broad experience building full-spectrum integrated resilience and security solutions in several practice areas.

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Critical national infrastructure resilience

Climate change resilience

Cyber and Informational resilience

Public utilities resilience

Business resilience

Site resilience and security

Supply chain resilience

Insurance risk analysis

Community resilience

Smart city resilience

Emergency services resilience