Insurance risk analysis practice

Since the beginning of the insurance industry following the Great Fire of London in 1666, actuaries have evolved complex probability calculations to set insurance premium charges and insurance fund capitalization rates. Historically this has worked because the time rate of change has largely been predictable.

The future predicted by trend observations has largely cooperated with the past and the predictions. But unpredictable change is the enemy of probability and our world is changing in unpredictable ways. For instance the 1:100 chance that a flood will occur (the 100 year flood scenario) has now become 1:8 in some cases, with no warning or trend to predict it with.

The resulting turmoil in the insurance industry has had profound financial impact as it has in Civic Governance. RiskLogik provides a solution to this pressing problem by moving from statistically inferenced risk models to direct analysis models that are scalable. Our fully costed causal chain analysis reveals the exposure to any natural or man-made hazard on the policies held in any geographic area for any risk. This solution is applicable to both regulated and non-regulated insurance risks and is fully auditable.

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