The risks that confront us globally, nationally and locally, have become more unpredictable, unpreventable and potentially catastrophic. HIDI Risk & Resilience works proactively with our clients and partners, adopting an all-hazards approach to assess threat, risk, vulnerability, and operational continuity. HIDI is partnering with RiskLogik as one of our global partners of choice to provide world-class services to our clients.

HIDI's holistic review considers not only client business infrastructure, but beyond the building envelope to reflect the urban environment and geospatial support systems and infrastructure on which businesses depend. From the evaluation of real estate early in the requirements phase to existing space assessment/enhancement, our intelligence increases client resilience through awareness and early response, translating into strategic choices that minimize overall business impact. 

HIDI Risk & Resilience is a division of The HIDI Group, a multidisciplinary  engineering firm specializing in critical infrastructure design and mechanical, electrical, communications, security, lighting, energy, commissioning, and risk and resilience consulting.

Established in 1975 and headquartered in Toronto, our offices in Calgary, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi provide an international base of experienced design, while our multidisciplinary practice yields the seamless transfer of lessons learned to inform intelligent business decisions throughout the life of a project. For these reasons, RiskLogik and its software are ideal solutions for our diverse client base and the ever-changing global conditions in which our clients’ businesses thrive.