The core service in Resilient People is to strengthen organizational systems to make sure the organization will not succumb to future critical events. Instead, the organization will be able to absorb the event, re-orientate, thrive with the disruption and become even better in dealing with similar incidents in the future.

We train and consult organizations to become even more resistant to unexpected interruptions in daily life as well as major unintended changes that can affect operation, quality and deliveries.

Our advice, services, and products are based on the guidelines for practical application of the concept of resilience and associated delimitations, as evidenced by the understandings and concept definitions cf. the ISO / DIS 22316: 2017 document.

Our counseling and training programs have a persistent and stringent focus on:

  • The individual (understanding, behavior, ability to reflect, etc.)
  • Relationships (communication, cooperation, culture, etc.)
  • Organization (team, network, management, etc.)
  • Technology (Processes, Production, IT, etc.)