Busy fall for RiskLogik as resilience becomes a keyword for governments and companies

By Bill Brough RiskLogik has a number of important presentations and mentoring engagements this fall that underline the momentum of "The resilience company" and its relevance to protecting the critical assets and organizational value of governments and companies.

On September 15th, RiskLogik Vice President Rory Kilburn is briefing the 2nd Chief Strategy Officer course in Toronto hosted by Federated Press with a presentation entitled “Avoiding Strategic Planning Failures”.

Between September 28 and 29th, RiskLogik is sponsoring the Conference Board of Canada’s Intergovernmental Forum on Risk Management in Toronto. RiskLogik CEO Nick Martyn is giving a plenary talk entitled Resilience or Compliance? Setting the Appropriate Goal for Effective Risk Management” at 1:00 pm on the 28th.

On October 15th, RiskLogik CEO Nick Martyn is attending the Sandford Fleming Forum on Resilience of Commercial Property to Climate Change being held at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure (CRCI).

And between October 26th and November 17th, RiskLogik Principal and COO Charles Chamberlain is teaching Project Management at the University of Toronto for the course CIV460 Engineering Project and Finance Management (7 lectures).

If you are at any of these presentations or lectures, please come and talk to us. We'd love to hear about your path to creating resilient communities and companies.