RiskLogik's software and services offering is informed by a rich legacy of Enterprise Risk Management experience and capability forged from years of career experience in both peace and conflict. We know risk because we have lived it – on the battlefield, in critical project delivery, and in national critical infrastructure crises.    

Our team's experience dates to back to our involvement in mitigating the greatest potential national critical infrastructure (CI) failure of the last century: Y2K. The skills we perfected and the software tools we developed there now support governments and private enterprises globally as they strive for greater resilience.

We select our team from among senior retired military officers, operational research scientists, senior program managers and cutting edge GIS and software development professionals. We cover a multitude of disciplines and we have worked in more than 50 nations globally.

As much as we are rooted in risk and resilience solutions we are equally rooted in large scale program management. Having implemented a program management solution for the Afghanistan National Development Strategy using geo-enabled program management and innovative mobile technologies, we integrated those technologies to create the world's first full-spectrum risk management software toolset.