Southern Harbour is an independent Risk, Resilience and Security consultancy based in Toronto, ON, with two staff and eight associates. Established in 2014 by Alexander Hay, its focus is optimizing the operational assurance of communities and organizations. Southern Harbour enables its clients to become Future Ready in a changing world, with discrete tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit the organization's situation, culture and strategy.

The common theme in each project was the optimal pairing of the operation to location, to efficiently remove as much of the inherent risk as possible. This can mean a reorientation of the operation or reallocation of existing properties for different activities. Our staff and associates have extensive experience of working in isolated and austere environments in different countries from the jungles of Belize to the deserts of the Middle East, to the High Arctic and plains and mountains of Central Asia. Several are also military veterans of multiple operational tours in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Southern Harbour and its partners are immersed in leading edge research to constantly improve existing practices and systems understanding. This has led to the development of operational risk tools that provide increased objectivity and auditability to the planning process, as well as advanced planning for isolated and high dependency communities and operations.