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General (Ret) Rick Hillier appointed to RiskLogik Board of Advisors while Ottawa tech entrepreneur Bob Huggins joins as Chairman

Nick Martyn, Founder and CEO of RiskLogik, provider of risk and resilience solutions to public and private sector organizations, is honoured to welcome two new members to his advisory and executive teams – General (Ret) Rick Hillier and Ottawa digital media entrepreneur Bob Huggins.General (Ret) Rick Hillier, the former Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces, joins RiskLogik’s Board of Advisors to contribute his strategic vision, his insights on leadership and relationship-building, and his global contacts in the private and military sectors.

In 1998, as Commander 2 CMBG, General Hillier led Operation Recuperation, the Canadian Forces’ intervention in the ice storm in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. He went on to command the Multinational Division (Southwest) in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was named Chief of the Land Staff, commanding the Canadian Army in 2003. He commanded the NATO ISAF in Afghanistan in 2004, and in 2005 General Hillier was appointed Chief of the Defence Staff. General Hillier is noted for his dedication to the defence of Canada, for which he won the Vimy award in 2008, and his public calls for increased resources and funding for the Canadian Forces. Today he participates on the boards of several corporations as well as dozens of charitable and not-for-profit organizations.

Bob Huggins, an established Ottawa technology entrepreneur, joins RiskLogik as Chairman to help scale the company’s technology and guide its strategic sales, marketing and investment strategies. Huggins sold his company, PaperOfRecord.com, a pioneer in the digitization of historical newspaper images and other historical image documents, to Google Inc. in 2008.

Huggins has also served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at Invest Ottawa, and prior to that, at the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI). His independent historical documentary film company, OrphanBoyFilms, will feature his work as Producer/Director in a upcoming film. Called “The Greatest Freedom Show On Earth”, the film explores Windsor and Detroit’s role in Canada’s Underground Railroad that led to the emancipation of black slaves in the United States. TVO is slated to broadcast the documentary in early 2014.

“I am both humbled and thrilled to have General Hillier and Bob Huggins working on behalf of RiskLogik”, said Martyn, whose company in based West of Ottawa in the town of Almonte, ON. “Climate change, technological transformation, political upheaval and malicious acts all disrupt economies and societies with increasing magnitude and frequency. With the help of these two new leaders, RiskLogik will dramatically accelerate its ability to help public and private sector decision-makers and managers adapt to this changing world by increasing their capacity to anticipate, survive and recover from these inevitable risks.”

“I have had several of RiskLogik’s executive team under my command in their former lives as military officers,” said General Hillier. “Understanding risk and how to mitigate it is something we have achieved in some of the world’s toughest operating conditions. The opportunity to now work with them in the private sector is a privilege that I trust will yield great results for this emerging company.”

“Last year Invest Ottawa identified RiskLogik as a Rising Star Portfolio company,” said Huggins. “This is the best of the best of Ottawa’s start-ups. As I prepare to leave Invest Ottawa at the end of this month after four years of mentoring startups, I can’t think of a better company to be involved with as Chairman. RiskLogik has the talent, technology, track record with customers, and desire to win. I’ll do everything I can to guide this promising company’s growth and success.”

RiskLogik forms the core risk discovery, analysis and mitigation methodology public sector leaders and private sector executives alike can rely on to manage organizational risk. At an operational level, RiskLogik provides the modeling and simulation tools that managers rely on to develop and test risk scenarios and understand the potential consequences of their risk mitigation plans before invoking them.

RiskLogik employs geospatial intelligence, advanced proprietary risk analysis software and modeling techniques, and proven risk mitigation methodologies to deliver a full spectrum risk management service to their clients. The RiskLogik professional services team has successfully delivered a critical infrastructure resilience model for the Province of Ontario, visualized the consequences of multi-project risk for the executives of Caterpillar Inc., and delivered systems and services to manage reconstruction in Afghanistan. The RiskLogik team is now building Canada’s national critical infrastructure resilience model as part of a three-year project with Public Safety Canada.

About RiskLogik

RiskLogik is a business division of Deep Logic Solutions Inc. With roots that go back to Canada’s Y2K response by the Department of National Defence and Public Works Canada, RiskLogik is dedicated to delivering comprehensive risk discovery, analysis and mitigation solutions. On the Web, please go to www.risklogik.com