Battle-hardened risk analysis software uses geospatial intelligence to deliver superior benefits

From geospatial intelligence to protecting critical infrastructure from terrorism and natural disasters, Deep Logic Solutions transforms risk management with proprietary technology and extensive experience.

Corporate profile

Whether it’s reducing the impacts of a terrorist attack, mapping Canada’s Arctic seabed using advanced satellite technology, breaking up a vehicle smuggling operation in Afghanistan, or helping a major equipment manufacturer meet complex compliance deadlines, Deep Logic Solutions Inc. advances risk analysis and project management far beyond conventional practices.

The company’s advanced software pinpoints vulnerabilities in complex risk environments and helps implement action plans with military-grade precision. In fact three of the company’s four products have been battle-hardened during deployments in Afghanistan.

“We are a decision support company. We help leaders make better decisions, be more competitive and create more value. Our core product, called RiskOutLook®, is the best risk analysis system on the market . It can identify and analyze an unlimited number and complexity of risk factors and expose what drives those risks. Our other solutions then work together to provide decisive action,” says Nick Martyn, CEO and founder of Deep Logic Solutions.

RiskOutLook® enables contingency planners, risk mangers and CEOs to identify and visualize the pathways of risk exposure. This leads to decisions that will help save lives, protect infrastructure or create greater value for an enterprise.

RiskOutLook has its genesis in Canada’s preparations for Y2K. Planners were able to focus preventative measures on areas of critical importance, thus preventing any catastrophes. “For us the silence of New Year’s morning 2000 was the sweet sound of success,” says Martyn.

Why Ottawa

“Invest Ottawa is simply a brilliant investment of tax dollars. Canada is a nation of great talent and astounding innovation, but we are not yet universally great entrepreneurs. The programs at Invest Ottawa turn innovators into successful entrepreneurs that can export to the world and in so doing build a stronger economy here at home,” says Martyn.

“The Market Intelligence and Business Analysis Service at Invest Ottawa gave us direction and focus and assisted us in making key strategic decisions,” adds Martyn. As a member of the Invest Ottawa Business Acceleration program Martyn is impressed with the concentration of skills and the quality of the Invest Ottawa experts who have done it all before and provide the benefits of their real-world experience.

“We could have established Deep Logic anywhere, but the technical and management talent pool in the Ottawa region is deep and the support from Invest Ottawa is phenomenal so we decided to base ourselves here,” says Martyn, “We expect the company’s expansion will rely on excellent human resources.”

Business advantage

The Deep Logic Solutions suite is comprised of four products, each one addressing a core issue. They can be deployed alone or in combination to provide a complete program management solution.

RiskOutLook® is the world’s most advanced risk analysis software delivering the risk intelligence that determines success or failure. It includes a full risk mitigation simulator that models the effects of actions before implementing any plans

Proteus uses multi-spectral satellite imagery to provide advanced geospatial intelligence about project areas. Clients learn more about the project physical environment, avoid risks and leverage opportunities increasing their competitiveness and delivering more value.

NeXus addresses the need for program Intelligence with real time global monitoring of project progress. Nexus uses geospatial intelligence and best practices in project, program and portfolio management to deliver precise project control and improved program data

Bastion delivers intelligence on mission critical assets including human resources, remote sensors, aircraft and vehicles on a single platform. Bastion integrates any tracking device on the market today and also integrates with NeXus and Proteus to provide precision project and program management.

Future growth plans

Deep Logic Solutions is planning for rapid growth in 2013 as it further evolves RiskOutLook®. The firm is working with the federal Defence R&D Canada – Centre for Security Science, which in partnership with Public Safety Canada takes a lead role in providing science and technology for Canada’s safety and security priorities.

The Canadian Federal Government is investing more than $800,000 in RiskOutLook® to analyze the supply chain risks in the provinces of New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. Public Safety Canada is using RiskOutLook® to examine the risks to Canada’s critical infrastructure.

In Ontario, Canada’s largest province, the Ontario Emergency Management organization has used RiskOutLook® since 2008 to manage its critical infrastructure risks.


We help leaders make better decisions and create more value. Our core product, RiskOutLook®, is the best risk analysis system on the market today. It can identify and analyze an unlimited number and complexity of risk factors and expose what drives those risks. Our other solutions address the risks that RiskOutLook® identifies. – Nick Martyn, CEO and founder, Deep Logic Solutions Inc.