Snowy River International is a global organization dedicated to Cyber Resiliency and redefining how organizations think about information and cyber security.  Recognizing that security is not purely a technology issue, we combine a global network of technical and human intelligence with the world’s most advanced software to elevate, enhance, enrich, and empower the Cyber Resiliency of our clients.

The company focuses on next generation “Deep Learning” and “Machine Learning” technologies for fighting and managing Cyber Security with Proactive Threat Detection and Response.  This focus includes Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare Detection & Forensics; Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare Response & Remediation; Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare Risk, Vulnerability, Analysis, Assessment, Modeling & Prediction.

Snowy River International founded the “Five Cyber Rings” principle and model.  The framework defines an environment’s cyber security value chain as “Five Rings” of Cyber Security (Cloud, Parameter, Inside Enterprise, Privileged Access, and Risk & Analytics). The Rings are the foundation and represent the constant set of core concerns facing enterprise security and risk managers.